Downloading & Installing Companion, OpenTX And The SD Card Contents (Audio, Sounds, Wizards)
Taranis Q X7 NiMH Charging Kit (Aloft Hobbies)
OpenTX Sounds & Announcements
S.Port Firmware Flashing 
GPS Directions Home (Distance, Trip)
Two GPS Sensors
Rename A Sensor
Module Bay GPS Sensor
FrSKY Sensor ID Changer
Taranis Q X7 Battery Run Time
Hand Launch Sequence
Taranis OpenTX - Timers
Taranis OpenTX - Calibration
Taranis Q X7 Tutorial - First Flight Setup
OpenTX 2.2 - What's New & Different
Mac Voice Packs & Text To Wav Applications
Hold Any Input's Position
Lap Timer
LiPo Tips
Reaktor Charger & Power Supply Neat Package
Wireless Trainer Link Settings
Wireless Trainer Link DSM2 Hardware
Splash Screen Image Change
Splash Screen Image Preparation
Calculated Sensor – Distance & Range
Altitude On Model Screen Top Bar
Altitude Sensor - Relative To Ground
FrSKY GPS Sensor
Field Weather Station
Calculated Sensor - Consumption
Battery Capacity Remaining
Getting Started With Lua Telemetry Scripts
FrSKY 40A Current Sensor (FAS40S)
Reset Telemetry & Relative Readings
Show A Sensor's Values
Display Telemetry Screen

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OpenTX Lua Scripts

The OpenTX Transmitter software allows us to add our own scripts.

My goal is provide a resource that helps consolidate and organize OpenTX Lua scripts and documentation written by myself and anyone who wants to share them. You may also request a script to be written.

Getting Started

Using your first Lua Telemetry script

Using your first Lua Mix script

Central Repository

Download script files by me (and others)


Posts & Videos about Lua scripts in the central repository

Request A Script

Submit A Script Request

 Current Script Requests

GPS Script Write To Custom Sensors
GPS Directions Relative To Pilot’s Compass
Camera Shutter Control (Waiting for details)
GPS Directions Relative 2nd GPS (Completed 2017 April 17)
Hand Launch Sequence (Completed 2017 March 2)
Input/Channel Hold (Completed 2017 January 17)
Lap Timer (Completed 2017 January 10)

Collaboration & Support

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