Welcome To OpenTX Lua Scripts!

OpenTX allows the addition of Lua scripts by the user to extend its features such as the new model wizard.

My goal is to provide a resource that helps consolidate and organize OpenTX Lua scripts and documentation written by myself and anyone who wants to share their own. You may also request a script to be written.

Besides the Lua scripts I have published an OpenTX Manual, guides and videos.

Getting Started Using Scripts

Central Repository


Request A Script

 Current Script Requests

  • Battery Capacity Remaining reserver from a per model global variable
  • GPS Script Write To Custom Sensors
  • GPS Directions Relative To Pilot’s Compass
  • Quad Race Start Sequence Contribution by Dean Church (Completed 2017 December 1)
  • Head Speed Contribution by AttitudeRC (Completed 2017 August 16)
  • GPS Directions Relative 2nd GPS (Completed 2017 April 17)
  • Hand Launch Sequence (Completed 2017 March 2)
  • Input/Channel Hold (Completed 2017 January 17)
  • Lap Timer (Completed 2017 January 10)

Collaboration & Support

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