Custom Scripts


Select and configure Lua scripts and their inputs on this optional screen. These scripts are usually used to perform complex mixes. Up to 7 custom scripts may be configured.

Custom scripts take inputs for processing. They produce outputs that can be used as sources to mixes. These scripts can not produce outputs directly to the LCD screen. The same script can be used by different models. Currently these scripts can only be configured using the transmitter and not by using Companion. However the script may be simulated using the Companion simulator. Configurations made in the simulator will not be saved.

Custom scripts are also know as mix scripts because they are placed in the SCRIPTS/MIXES folder.

Screen Layout

Taranis Q X7 Series

Taranis X9 Series

Top Row

  • RAM Used By All Lua Scripts:

Note: Taranis X7 and X9 series have 128KB, X9E 192KB, X10 and X12 series have 1MB.


  • Script Number:  LUA1 to LUA7
  • File Name:  The file name of the script selected.
  • CPU Percent Used: 



A script is selected from the SCRIPTS/MIXES folder.


Configured name.


Varies depending on the script.


Varies depending on the script.


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