Main View


The main view is the default view after the splash and warnings screens. This view shows information such as the model name, trim positions, transmitter battery voltage, flight mode and timer one. There are four main view screens.

Taranis Q X7 Series

  • Model name
  • Transmitter battery voltage
  • Flight Mode
  •  Received signal strength by the receiver (telemetry)
  •  Timer 1, set to count down in this example
  •  Trim position
  • Switch state ↑(up/away) −(middle/centre) ↓(down/towards)
  • Stick position (shown as a circle at the bottom) relative to centre
  • Knobs S1 and S2 positions
  •  Channel output monitor
  • Scroll bar, indicates that there are more values that can be scrolled through
  • Channel output monitor
  •  Timer 2, set to count up in this example

Taranis X9 Series


  •  Transmitter battery voltage
  • Received signal strength by the receiver (telemetry)
  •  Telemetry values, configurable on the model configuration display screen
  •  Time of day
  •  Volume
  •  Slider and knob positions
  •  Logical switch states

Context Menus

  • Long Press ENTER

View Notes

Available if the model notes text file is present on the SD Card in the MODELS folder.

The file name format is model_name.txt which is a simple text file.


Resets Flight

Reloads the model as it would when a model is selected and loaded. It  is similar to powering off and then on again but the splash screen and some model independent checks and warnings do not occur.

Reset Timers

Countdown timers get set to their value configured on the model menu MODEL SETUP screen. Count up timers get set to zero. More…

Reset Telemetry

Telemetry initial reference values and minimum and maximum values get reset. More…



The time the throttle stick has been above zero.


The time the throttle stick has been above zero scaled as a percentage of stick travel.


The current values of timers one, two and three.


The elapsed time since the transmitter was turned on.


The cumulative time the transmitter has been used. This could be used to track how long the battery has lasted on its current charge.

Long Press ENTER to reset/Press MENU then press ENTER to reset.

Throttle Graph

The graph displays the throttle percent history.

Debug Screen

The debug screen is used by the OpenTX developers.

  • From the statistics screen
    Press PAGE to bring up a debug screen
    Lua scripts – Duration and Interval in milliseconds
    Free Mem – Free memory
    Tmix max – Time spent in the mixer
    Free Stack – menu/mixer/audio & main stack available
  • Press PAGE to go to the next screen

    Tlm RX Err – Telemetry Rx error counter


Information on OpenTX and its contributors.