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G-RX8 – Redundancy & Variometer

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OpenTX Receiver & Sensor FrSKY G-RX8 (USA World) Description Has a built in variometer sensor Has redundancy capability where a second receiver may be connected Setup Binding 2 Receivers (Redundancy) For the second receiver use any receiver with an SBUS out. Turn on the Tx Press MENU Scroll down and select… Read more »

SxR – Stabilizer Gyro (S6R, S8R)

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<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> OpenTX Receiver FrSKY S6R & S8R Receiver  (USA, World) Description Receiver with Gyro & Accelerometer Stabilize, Auto Level, Knife Edge, Hover and Urgent modes Stabilize Mode Orientation changes due to wind are reduced. The receiver compensates for the changes… Read more »

FrSKY & It’s Equipment

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About FrSKY FrSKY was founded in 2010 and has more than 40 patents. Based in China they have dealers all around the word. Authorized Dealers Premier Dealers are located in China, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and USA. Aloft Hobbies – FrSKY Premier Dealer & Repair Facility(USA) HorusRC –… Read more »

Telemetry Display On An iPad or iPhone

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iMSB Module iMSB Bluetooth Module to display FrSKY telemetry on an iOS device (   Overview Bluetooth module that is wired to an FrSKY transmitter. Any FrSKY Transmitter – Wired to the pins in the external module bay. X9 Series of Transmitters – Wired to the serial port in the battery… Read more »

RPM – Setup

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OpenTX Sensor FrSKY RPM Sensor (USA World) Displays RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) Motor Details Determine the number of magnetic poles (blades in OpenTX) Emax MT1806-2280KV Framework 12N14P 14P = 14 Magnets = 7 Pole Pairs = 7 blades in OpenTX Note the KV 2280 revolutions per minute per volt Setup… Read more »

Taranis Q X7 NiMH Charging Kit (Aloft Hobbies)

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Taranis Q X7 Charger Kit 7.2 V 2600 AA NiMH QX7 Transmitter Pack–qx7-transmitter-pack.html Stepped Drill Bits Steps When removing the the back of the case take care not to damage the module bay pins. Remove the nut from the charging jack. It slips over the white plugs… Read more »

S.Port Firmware Flashing 

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Taranis OpenTX S.Port Firmware Flashing File Preparation Download the firmware Place the firmware on the SDCARD in the FIRMWARE folder Ensure that the file name is 33 characters or less including the dot and extension Hardware Preparation All transmitters except for Taranis Q X7 shipped with bottom S.Port pins The external… Read more »

FrSKY Sensor ID Changer

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Description The FrSKY Channel Changer is used to change a sensor’s ID (Buy) Steps First Connect power to the changer pins marked BAT. 04 may be displayed by default. Then connect a servo cable to the sensor’s S.Port. Connect the other end to the changer’s pins marked servo. The changer now… Read more »

Taranis Q X7 Battery Run Time

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Basic Calculation Wh = Watts x time in hours h = Wh ÷ W Wh – Watt-hour, a unit of capacity h – hours W – Watt W = V x A V – Voltage A – Ampere mA – miliampere, 1000 mA = 1A Battery Options Battery Clip 6… Read more »

Taranis Q X7 OpenTX – First Flight Setup

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  Taranis Q X7 With Preinstalled OpenTX This post and video covers what to do with the transmitter from the time it arrives till the first model is bound and ready to fly. The transmitter (Tx) comes with both sticks spring loaded to centre the sticks. For mode 2 the gimbal… Read more »