Taranis Q X7 OpenTX – First Flight Setup

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Taranis Q X7 With Preinstalled OpenTX


This post and video covers what to do with the transmitter from the time it arrives till the first model is bound and ready to fly.

The transmitter (Tx) comes with both sticks spring loaded to centre the sticks. For mode 2 the gimbal on the left needs it’s vertical axis (throttle) spring disabled and friction added.

The preloaded software, OpenTX, comes with mode 2 as the default setting and one model configured with four channel outputs.

  • CH1 Throttle
  • CH2 Ailerons
  • CH3 Elevator
  • CH4 Rudder

This basic configuration is enough to get flying once a receiver is bound to the transmitter.

If the Rx is connected to the ESC throttle please remove the propeller.

Gimbal Conversion To Mode 2

Video 0:28

Opening The Case

  1. Remove the four screws shown
    Do not separate the case
  2. Remove the battery clip slowly
    There is a wire connected to it and a circuit board under it
    Lift the right hand side first
    Unplug the wire from the circuit board
  3. Carefully separate the two halves of the case in a vertical motion till the pins in the module bay are clear
    Be careful not to damage the pins in the module bay

Gimbal Adjustment

Video 1:08

  1. Locate the 4 gimbal screws shown
  2. Note where the screw threads are visible and the spring tension
  3. Turn screw 1 counterclockwise, left, till the spring tension is completely removed
  4. Turn screw 2 clockwise, right, till it is all the way down
  5. Note there is now tension on the spring again, this is normal
  6. You may find that the throttle stick will move on its own
    Check the amount of slack on the gimbal wires shown and adjust if necessary
  7. Note the gap as shown
  8. Turn screws 3 and 4 clockwise, to the right
    Screw 3 affects the smooth friction on the vertical axis
    Screw 4 affects the ratcheting (stepped) friction on the vertical axis
    Tighten according to your personal preference
    I tightened 3 all the way and tightened 4 till I liked the feel when moving the stick

Closing The Case

  1. Put the case back together carefully
    Take care not to damage the module bay pins
  2. When tightening the screws just make them firm
    The screws are being held in plastic which could could get damaged

Using OpenTX & The Transmitter

Video 2:10

Turning On The Transmitter

  1. Power on the Tx by pressing and releasing the power button
  2. Clear any warnings by following the instructions on the screen

Turning Off The Transmitter

  1. Remove power from any receivers that are bound to it
  2. Power of the transmitter by pressing the power button till the screen goes blank, about 3 seconds

Basic Screens & Views

  • Main View
    Shows the model name
    Has multiple pages
  • Telemetry View
    Shows telemetry values if configured
    May have more than one screen
  • Model Configuration Screens
    For changing models and configuring them
    Has multiple pages
  • Radio/Tx Configuration Screens
    For performing actions related to the Tx
    Has multiple screens

Basic Navigation

  • Press
    Press and release in under a second
  • Long Press
    Press until screen changes, about a second, an then release
  • PAGE
    Press to change screens
    Long press to change from main view to telemetry screen
    Long press to go back a screen
  • MENU
    Press to change from main view to model configuration screens
    Long Press to change from main view to Tx configuration screens
  • EXIT
    Press to go back from one view to previous view
    Press to exit editing (described below)
    Press to edit/change a value/field
    Press to stop editing
    Many more possibilities which will be covered in a separate post
  • Knob
    Turn clockwise to move selection (cursor) forward or down
    Turn counterclockwise, left, to move selection backwards or up
    Changes values when editing
  • Documentation may refer to (+) and (-)
    This refers to turning the knob

Transmitter Mode 2 Configuration

Video 3:06

  1. Power on the Tx
    Clear errors to reach the main view
  2. Long press MENU till the RADIO SETUP screen is visible
  3. Turn the know clockwise till the number below Mode is selected
  4. If the number is not 2 press ENTER
  5. Turn the knob any direction till 2 appears
  6. Press ENTER
  7. Press EXIT twice to reach the Main view

Model Setup

Video 4:34

Determining Transmission Mode

  1. Identify the receiver (Rx) series and Tx mode
    The mode to use is specified in the X7 manual downloaded from here
    X  series receiver
    D16 mode on the Tx

Binding The Rx & Tx Model

Video 5:08

  1. From the main view
  2. Press MENU to get to the MODELSEL screen
  3. Press Page to get to the SETUP screen
  4. Turn the knob clockwise till the mode field is selected
  5. If required
    Press ENTER and turn the knob till the desired mode is selected
    Press enter again
  6. Setting receiver number is optional, auto generated
    Mark the receiver with the number assigned to track which models and receivers are bound together.
  7. Select [Bnd]
    Press ENTER
  8. The Tx will start to beep and [Bnd] will start to flash
  9. Press F/S on the Rx and keep it pressed
  10. Supply power to the receiver
  11. A green LED means the Rx is now bound
  12. Release F/S
  13. Remove power from the Rx
  14. Press ENTER on the Tx
  15. The Tx will stop beeping

Setting Failsafe

Video 7:08

  1. Turn the knob clockwise till Failsafe is selected
  2. Press ENTER
  3. Turn the knob clockwise till Receiver is selected
  4. Press ENTER
  5. Set the Throttle stick position to minimum, all the way down
  6. Supply power to the Rx
  7. Set the Tx Ailerons & Elevator stick to its desired position
  8. Press F/S on the Rx
  9. The green LED will flash on the Rx

Testing Failsafe

Video 9:12

  1. Remove the propeller
  2. Connect the Rx to the ESC throttle
  3. Supply power to the ESC and Rx
  4. Move the throttle up till the motor starts to turn
  5. Turn off the Tx
  6. The motor should stop
  7. The Ailerons & Elevator should go/stay in the desired position

Checking Control Surface Directions

Video 7:53

  1. Connect the Rx to the servos and ESC throttle
  2. Remove the propeller
  3. Turn on the Tx
  4. Verify the the model that is bound to that Rx is what is seen on the main view
  5. Supply power to the ESC and Rx
  6. Check the control surface direction of movement as you move the Tx sticks one surface at a time

Changing Control Surface Directions

Video 8:22

  1. From the main view press MENU
  2. Press PAGE repeatedly till the OUTPUTS screen is displayed
  3. Turn the knob clockwise till the  desired channel is selected
    The desired channel is the one that controls the surface moving in the wrong direction
  4. Press ENTER
  5. Turn the knob till the Direction field is selected
    At the time of producing these instructions the screens are under going changes
    One of these screens will appear

  6. Press ENTER

  7. Press EXIT
  8. Test the direction of the control surfaces again

Range Check

Video 9:30

From the Taranis Q X7 Manual

  1. From the main view press MENU
  2. Press PAGE
  3. Turn the knob clockwise till [Rng] is selected
  4. Press ENTER
  5. Take the Tx to at least 1/30th the distance of which you expect to fly the model away from you
  6. Move the control surfaces and ensure you have control of the model
  7. If safe to do so move the throttle stick up till the propeller turns, move it back down

First Flight

You are now ready to try out the Tx on your first flight. Please take all the safety precautions you would normally take.