Telemetry Display On An iPad or iPhone

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iMSB Module


  • iMSB Bluetooth Module to display FrSKY telemetry on an iOS device (



  • Bluetooth module that is wired to an FrSKY transmitter.
    • Any FrSKY Transmitter – Wired to the pins in the external module bay.
    • X9 Series of Transmitters – Wired to the serial port in the battery bay.
  • Displays telemetry.
  • Announces telemetry so you can keep your focus on the aircraft.
  • Responds to voice command for hands free control.
  • Calculations and alarms are configurable such as battery capacity remaining.
  • Actions such as start and stop variometer when the motor RPM is at zero or when above zero.

For details about this module visit the product website


Transmitter & Module

The iMSB module may be used in any FrSKY transmitter with an external module bay.

External Module Bay

  • Cut the wires and crimp on female servo connectors.
  • Plug the wires in as shown in the picture.

Model Menu Setup Screen

  • Set External RF to XJT D16 More…

X9 Series Battery Bay

  • Plug the module into the battery bay serial port using the connector provided.
  • If using the supplied 6 cell NiMH pack there won’t be room for the module. Place the module inside the case.

Radio Menu Hardware Screen

  • Set Serial port to S-Port Mirror. More…

Model Setup

  • Set up the model on the transmitter as usual.
  • Connect sensors to the receiver and add them to the telemetry screen. More…

iOS App

Download & Install

  • App Store
    Search for iMSB
    Install the iMSB FrSky – S.Port app

Model Settings

  • Launch the app.
    Tap on Model Settings.
  • Enter a model name and description.
    Press Done.
    Take a picture of the model.


  • Tap the + next to Sensors
  • Add the sensors that are on the model

  • Each sensor has additional configurations.
    Tap the sensor to configure it.
    For example the current sensor has the option to enter the battery capacity. This is used to calculate, display and announce battery capacity remaining.

Telemetry View Configuration

  • View Layout
  • Tap each meter to configure what it displays.
  • Tap each digital display to configure what it displays.
  • Tap each view to configure them.
  • Tap Done to return to the Start button view.

Using The App

  • Turn on the transmitter and aircraft.
    Launch the app.

Viewing & Listening To Telemetry

  • Turn on the transmitter.
  • Turn on the aircraft.
  • Tap on Start.
  • Tap on the icons at the bottom to navigate different views.

  • Use voice commands to navigate different views.
    List of voice commands