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Telemetry Display On An iPad or iPhone

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iMSB Module iMSB Bluetooth Module to display FrSKY telemetry on an iOS device (   Overview Bluetooth module that is wired to an FrSKY transmitter. Any FrSKY Transmitter – Wired to the pins in the external module bay. X9 Series of Transmitters – Wired to the serial port in the battery… Read more »

LiPo Tips

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LiPo vs. Li-ion “The name “lithium polymer” (LiPo) is widespread among users of radio-controlled models, for which it may indicate a single cell or a battery pack with cells connected in series or parallel. The more general term “lithium-ion” (Li-ion) is used almost everywhere else, including consumer electronics such as… Read more »

Reaktor Charger & Power Supply Neat Package

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Background The Turnigy Reaktor Charger & Power are nice looking pieces of equipment. In this DIY modification the two have been bound together to make a neat and quick to set up unit. Photographs

Online Saving Tips For Canadians

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Background After having been stung by a $60 UPS bill at the door on a purchase of just over $112 (USD 86). I decided to look into ways to avoid this in the future. Of the $60 about $30 was the UPS broker fee. The rest was 13% taxes on… Read more »

Field Weather Station

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Background We live in a city where wind conditions are often different just a 15 minute drive away. We would get to the field and find a strong wind or none at all. So we had the wrong planes or didn’t bring any because we thought it was too windy. So… Read more »