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Telemetry Display On An iPad or iPhone

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iMSB Module iMSB Bluetooth Module to display FrSKY telemetry on an iOS device (   Overview Bluetooth module that is wired to an FrSKY transmitter. Any FrSKY Transmitter – Wired to the pins in the external module bay. X9 Series of Transmitters – Wired to the serial port in the battery… Read more »

S.Port Firmware Flashing 

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Taranis OpenTX S.Port Firmware Flashing File Preparation Download the firmware Place the firmware on the SDCARD in the FIRMWARE folder Ensure that the file name is 33 characters or less including the dot and extension Hardware Preparation All transmitters except for Taranis Q X7 shipped with bottom S.Port pins The external… Read more »

GPS In The Module Bay

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Taranis OpenTX OpenTX has the ability to use a GPS sensor installed in the Taranis external module bay. Sensor FrSKY GPS (USA World) Steps Modify a servo cable Switch the positions of the +ve and -ve wires on one end Plug one end of the cable into the pins of… Read more »

Wireless Trainer Link Settings

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OpenTX Setup Connect the Tx, load its models and settings in Companion Click on the Companion Edit Settings icon Double click “General Settings” Select the “Trainer” tab Under “Mode” select “:= (Replace)” Under “Input” select the channel corresponding to the student’s transmitter output Under “Weight” assign “100” or “-100” to invert… Read more »