Power On Splash Screen Image Change

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Image Editing Software

Use any software that can export images as:

  • Bitmaps (.bmp)
  • Indexed
    • 16 colours (4 bit)
    • 2 colours (1 bit)

Image Format

Taranis X9 Series

  • Bitmap
  • Indexed, 16 colours (4 bit)
  • 212 x 64 pixels

Taranis Q X7 Series

  • Bitmap
  • Indexed, 2 colours (1 bit)
  • 128 x 64 pixels

Changing The Start Screen Image

  1. Prepare the image to be the correct format for the transmitter
  2. Connect the transmitter in boot loader mode
    • Pull the horizontal trims towards the centre
    • Power on the Tx
    • Connect the USB cable to the transmitter and computer
    • Wait for the SD Card and Taranis drives to mount
  3. Launch Companion
  4. Click on Read/Write
  5. Click on Read Firmware from Radio
  6. Save the file with a “.bin” extension
  7. Click on Read/Write
  8. Click on Write Firmware to Radio
  9. Select the firmware file that was read and saved
  10. Click on Open
  11. Select Use another start screen.
  12. Click on Open
  13. If not selected, select Check Hardware compatibility
  14. Click on Write TX
  15. When done eject the SD Card and Taranis drives
  16. Disconnect the the USB cable from the transmitter
  17. Power the transmitter off and then on