Downloading & Installing Companion, OpenTX And The SD Card Contents (Audio, Sounds, Wizards)

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OpenTX & Taranis Q X7 Quick Start Video Guide


Install A microSD Card 00:51

  • Turn off the Tx
  • Insert aFAT32 formatted microSD card
  • Turn on the Tx
  • Ignore SD Card Warning
  • Turn off the Tx

More information about the microSD Card, it’s format and contents
OpenTX Sounds & Announcements

Connect The Tx & Computer 02:24

  • Pull the two horizontal trim tabs towards each other
  • Briefly press the power butten
  • Plug in the usb cable into the computer and Tx
  • Wait for two usb drives to appear on the computer (it could take up to 3 seconds)

Download Companion 03:14

Install & Run Companion 0:32

  • When companion runs you will be prompted to download the firmware
  • Do not download the firmware
  • The download will be done after some configurations have been made

Create & Setup A New Tx Profile 04:12

  • Settings > Radio Profiles > Add A Radio Profile
  • Radio Profile
    • Required to download the correct firmware
    • Enter a “Profile Name”
    • Select the “Radio Type” to be the same as the Tx being used
    • Select the “Menu Language”
    • Select the “Build Options”
    • Set the “SD Structure path”
    • Set the “Backup Folder”
    • Select “Enable automatic backups before writing firmware”
    • Select the Tx’s “Default Stick Mode”
    • Select the “Default Channel Order”
    • Select “Append version number to FW file names”
    • Select “Offer to write FW to Tx after download
    • Ignore the rest
  • Application Settings
    • Optional
    • Set the “Automatic Backup Folder”
    • Ignore the rest
  • Simulator Settings
    • Optional
    • Set the “Simulator capture folder”
    • Ignore the rest

Backup The Tx 07:33

  • Read/Write > Backup Radio to File
  • Recommended

Download & Write OpenTX To The Tx 08:21

  • File > Download
  • Download firmware
  • After download completes and prompted to write firmware
    • Click on Yes
  • Flash Firmware Window
    • Select “Check Hardware compatibility”
  • Write Tx

Download Unzip & Copy The SD Card Contents To The SD Card 09:30

  • File > Download
  • Download SD contents
  • Unzip the file
  • Open the SOUNDS folder
    • Delete the language folders that will not be used
    • This reduces the copy time to the SD Card
  • Copy all the files and folders to the SD Card
  • Ensure that the file opentx.sdcard.version is in the root/top level folder on the SD Card

Eject The SD Card & Taranis Drives From The Computer 10:54

  • Wait, it could take a few seconds

Disconnect, Turn Off & On The Tx 11:12

  • Disconnect the usb cable after the drives are ejected
  • Turn off the Tx
  • Turn on the Tx
  • You will hear “Welcome to Open T X” in the selected language

Please donate to the awesome project. It has taken thousands of hours of programming and thousands of dollars in serve and transmitter hardware to be able to deliver this to you for FREE!

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