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Wireless Trainer Link DSM2 Hardware

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Taranis OpenTX Background Aloft Hobbies now sells a module that enables two Taranis transmitters to link wirelessly for buddy boxing. This requires using the module bay and another compatible FrSKY transmitter. My Taranis Tx has an OrangeRx DIY DSMX/DSM2 module installed in it which we use to fly with an… Read more »

GPS – Setup

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OpenTX Sensor FrSKY GPS (USA World) Displays Speed mph, kmh, ft/s, m/s, knots Latitude & Longitude degrees, minutes, seconds, decimal Altitude Date & Time Setup Connection diagram GPS Turn on Tx Power up Rx with sensor connected Press MENU Long press PAGE If GSpd, GPS and GALT are not visible scroll down (-) until… Read more »

DSM/DSMX Module Fixed Antenna

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Taranis The Taranis Tx allows the addition of one module at a time to enable its use with other vendor’s receivers. There is a simple to install OrangeRx DSMX module which has one draw back; The antenna comes out the back and one usually removes it when not in use…. Read more »

Current – Setup (FAS40S)

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OpenTX Sensor FrSKY Current Sensor (USA World) Displays LiPo Voltage V Current mA Setup Connection diagram FAS40S Turn on Tx Power up Rx with sensor connected Press MENU Long press PAGE Repeat till the TELEMETRY screen is displayed Select “Discover new sensors” Press ENTER New sensors will be added to the… Read more »