Wireless Trainer Link DSM2 Hardware

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Taranis OpenTX



Aloft Hobbies now sells a module that enables two Taranis transmitters to link wirelessly for buddy boxing. This requires using the module bay and another compatible FrSKY transmitter.

My Taranis Tx has an OrangeRx DIY DSMX/DSM2 module installed in it which we use to fly with an Apprentice S15e SAFE receiver. To be able to use this module and link wirelessly I decided to do another DIY addition.


  • DasMikro DSM2 5CH 2.4Ghz RC Micro Receiver With 6 CH PPM
    • 5V max
  • FrSKY Taranis
    • Module bay +ve is greater than 5V
    • Power comes on only when External Radio Module or Master/CPPM Trainer Mode is enables in OpenTX model settings
  • BEC

CPPM Receiver Install Into The Tx Module Bay

  1. The micro receiver comes without pins so some soldering is required
  2. When Channel 1 is connected to ground Channel 2 will output a CPPM signal
  3. The module bay pin assignments from top to bottom are
    CPPM Out – DSMX/DSM2 Tx module signal in
    CPPM In – DSM2 micro Rx channel 2
    +ve – Tx module and BEC +ve
    -ve – Tx module and BEC -ve
  4. The Taranis module bay voltage is the battery voltage which is greater than 5V so I used a BEC
  5. Everything fits in the module bay

Bind With The Student’s Tx