Current – Setup (FAS40S)

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  • LiPo Voltage V
  • Current mA


  1. Connection diagram FAS40S
  2. Turn on Tx
  3. Power up Rx with sensor connected
  4. Press MENU
  5. Long press PAGE
    Repeat till the TELEMETRY screen is displayed
  6. Select “Discover new sensors”
  7. Press ENTER
    New sensors will be added to the screen
  8. Select Stop discovery
    Press ENTER


  1. Remove the model’s propeller or take other safety precautions
  2. Turn on the Tx
  3. Display the telemetry screen showing the sensor data
  4. Connect a volt meter across the battery terminals
  5. Note the voltage
  6. Connect current meter between the battery and the sensor
  7. Connect the sensor to the ESC
  8. Observe the voltage value displayed on the Tx and compare to the previously noted voltage from the volt meter
  9. Throttle up slowly
  10. Observe the current value displayed on the Tx and compare to the current meter
  11. If the difference in values is too big for you use the Sensor “Offset” value to calibrate and try again