Quad Race Start Sequence – GoRace

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OpenTX Lua Function Script


This script mimics the start sequence for quad racing. Pilots get their quads ready on the start line. They then return to their seats and get ready to race. The race official tells them to arm their quads and then after a random delay sounds a start buzzer.



File Locations

  • Place the script file on the Tx SD Card
  • Place the accompanying sound files on the Tx SD Card


  • If you have no experience using a Function script please read Getting Started With Lua Function Scripts.
  • Configure this script to run as a function script.
    Select the switch “ON” as the switch and condition in the 1st column.
    Select Play Script/Lua Script as the action.
    Select GoRace as the script.

  • Open the .lua file in a plain text editor to review and change the default settings if required.

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  • Contributed by Dean Church