Taranis OpenTX – Timers

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Model Timers

Timers are associated with models. There are up to 3 timers. The first two can display on the main screen, the third is for use with logic switchs and other non display uses.

  1. From the main view
  2. Press MENU
  3. Press PAGE
  • Timer OFF
    Timer is not displayed in the main view and turned off
  • Timer <trigger>
    A timer can be triggered by the throttle not being all the way down
    Other options are ON (always on when model selected), any logical or physical switch
  • Timer THs
    Timer on when throttle is not all the way down
    Video 0:42
  • Timer Th%
    Timer speed proportional the throttle
    THR 100% Timer 1 second intervals, THR 50% Timer 2 second intervals
    Video 1:43
  • Timer THt
    Timer always on once throttle is not all the way down
    Video 3:02
  • Countdown
    Setting the timer to a value above 00:00 puts it into count down mode
    Video 3:46
  • Name
    Up to 3 characters for the Taranis Q X7
    Appears on the main view screens
    Video 4:24

  • Persistant
    Timer retains its value when the Tx is powered of and on or the model is changed and returned to
    Video 4:48
  • Persist. Flight
    Timer resets when flight is reset from the main view
    Video 4:55
  • Persist. Manual Reset
    Timer resets when reset from the main view
    Video 5:42
  • Minute
    Required SD card with sound pack installed
    At each minute it’s value spoken
    Video 6:13
  • Countdown Silent
    No sounds associated with the contdown
  • Countdown Beeps
    Beeps at 30,20, 10 to 0 seconds
    Video 6:49
  • Countdown Voice
    Speaks at 30,20, 10 to 0 seconds
    Video 7:52
  • Countdown Haptic
    Vibrates at 30,20, 10 to 0 seconds
    Video none
  • Timer Auto Reset
    If not persistent the timer resets when the Tx is turned off and then on or the model selection changes.
  • Timer Manual Reset
    From the main view long press ENTER
    Video 1:04

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