Hand Launch Sequence

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OpenTX Lua Mix Script



  • Two Step Sequence of Output Values
  • The script provides outputs to be used as inputs to mixes
  • The input to the mix starts with an initial precentage value
  • After a defined delay in seconds the value changes to the second configured value
  • Messages are played when the sequence starts, stops, is interrupted and at one second intervals during the countdown delay
  • The sequence and mix line are configured to start and enable with the same switch in the down/towards pilot position


  • Hand launch a plane which has a flight controller with auto level
  • Pilot places flight controller into auto level mode using a switch/pot on the Tx
  • Pilot starts the sequence by moving the sequence switch down/towards pilot
  • Sequence starts a countdown with voice prompts in seconds every second
  • Pilot puts down the Tx and picks up the plane, checks auto level is working
  • Sequence countdown reaches zero seconds the throttle goes up, some up elevator is added
  • Pilot hand launches the plane
  • Pilot picks up the Tx and moves the switch to turn off the sequence
  • Pilot flies the plane


File Locations

  • Place the script file on the Tx SD Card
  • Place accompanying sound files in the SD Card folder on your computer and Tx
    • SD Card /SCRIPTS/MIXES/Sqnc/



  • If you have no experience using OpenTX Mix scripts please read Getting Started.
    • Select this script and configure inputs.
  • MIXER Screen
    • Create one or more mixes using one of Seq1, Seq2 as input.
    • If you want only this script’s values to be used on a channel set Multiplex to Replace.
  • If 2 channels are not enough select the script again on a different CUSTOM SCRIPTS line.


  • The script can affect critical flight controls through a mix.
  • The mix line must be set up with a switch to enable and disable it. Use the same switch as the sequence trigger switch.
  • If the script cause any unwanted behaviour the mix can be disabled using the assigned switch.
  • What happens if a sequence is interrupted and is selected to restart?
    • The delay timer is reset and the sequence starts again from the beginning.
    • If during the delay a problem is noticed the sequence can be stopped and restarted from the beginning.

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