Analogs Test

Diagnostics of the analog channels to which sticks and potentiometers (knobs and sliders) are connected and calibration for the transmitter’s battery voltage.

Taranis Q X7 Series

A1: Left Stick Horizontal
A3: Right Stick Vertical
A5: S1 Left Knob/Potentiometer
A2: Left Stick Vertical
A4: Right Stick Horizontal
A6: S2 Right Knob/Potentiometer


Taranis Q X9 Series

01: Left Stick Horizontal
03: Right Stick Vertical
05: S1 Left Knob/Potentiometer
07: S3 Optional Knob/Potentiometer
09: RS Right Slider/Potentiometer
02: Left Stick Vertical
04: Right Stick Horizontal
06: S2 Right Knob/Potentiometer
08: LS Left Slider/Potentiometer


The values on the screen change when the sticks, knobs and sliders are moved.

The Taranis Q X9 series has battery calibration on the radio menu SETUP screen. More…