GPS Directions Home (Distance, Trip)

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OpenTX Lua Telemetry Script




  • Reads coordinates from up to 2 GPS sensors
    • One GPS on the aircraft and an optional GPS on the Tx (Pilot-Home position)
    • When only one GPS is used the Pilot-Home position is set to where the GPS
      strats reporting coordinates or when telemetry is reset. This is usually
      the flying field’s location.
  • Reads optional altitude and speed sensors
    • These sensors are used for return home announcements
  • Displays a number of parameters all of which are optional
    • Distance between the pilot and aircraft
    • Accumulated trip distance of the pilot and aircraft
      • Distances are in meters and kilometers
    • Headings of the pilot and aircraft
    • Direction from the pilot to the aircraft, the “Find” direction
      • Headings and directions are arrows relative to North
    • Direction from the aircraft to the pilot, the “Home” direction
      • This if off by default;
    • Direction for the aircraft to “Turn” to return home
      • Turns are left and right arrows relative to straight up being don’t turn
    • The number of arrows displayed depends on the transmitter’s screen width
      • The Taranis X7 can display up to first 3 and the X9 series up to first 4
      • There is an option to force display of all arrows which is achieved by making them smaller
  • Announces a number of Aircraft parameters to help return home
    • The announcements are controlled by configurable switches
      • The default is switch “sf” for all but can be controlled individually
        and in groups
    • The announcements are periodic with the interval for each configurable
      • Distance from the pilot every 60 seconds
      • Heading and speed every 60 seconds
      • Altitude every 10 seconds
      • Turns every 15 seconds
    • A number of the announcements rely on custom sound files
      • Two text files have been provided to help generate these files
        • CSV file following the OpenTX format
        • PSV file following the TTSAutomate format
      • Languages supported by using the corresponding sound files provided
        • English (default)
        • German
  • Writes a number of Aircraft parameters to the transmitter’s Global Variables
    • These are configurable and are off by default
    • More details about this are provided in the script file


File Locations

  • Place the script file on Tx SD Card
  • Place the accompanying sound files in


  • If you have no experience using Telemetry scripts please read Getting Started.
  • Open the .lua file in a plain text editor to review and change the default settings.


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