Current mAh Consumption

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Calculated sensors take values from real sensors and output data based on calculations using data from those sensors.

The consumption calculation can be used to determine the mAh (mili Amp hours) used. mAh is a unit of electrical energy similar to litres and gallons which are units of fluid volume.


  • mAh used (consumed)


  • Consumption
  • Cnsp in earlier versions of OpenTX


  • Any telemetry current sensor


  1. Turn on Tx
  2. Press MENU
  3. Long press PAGE
    Repeat till the TELEMETRY screen is displayed.
  4. If a current sensor is not present add it
    More on adding a current sensor here
  5. Scroll down and select Add new sensor
  6. Press ENT
  7. Select “Custom” next to “Type”
  8. Press ENT
    Custom changes to Calculated
  9. Select Add next to Formula
  10. Press ENTER
    Scroll to select Consumption
    Press ENTER
  11. Select – – – next to Sensor
  12. Press ENTER
    Scroll to select Curr
    Press ENTER
  13. Scroll up and select the blank space next to Name
  14. Name the sensor
    More on editing here
  15. Press Exit


  1. Use a fully charged battery
  2. Run the motor(s) until about 500 mAh has been used
  3. Charge the battery again and the charge amount should be about the same as was used