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The information on this site broadly falls under two publishing methods – Pages & Posts.


The OpenTX manual pages are accessed using the Table of Contents. The number of pages will generally be constant with occasional additions over time.


The guides, tips, hardware and the lua scripts are posts accessed using the sidebar. The number of posts will increase over time. The posts are categorized under the sidebar heading Guides & Scripts. The links with arrows expand to show sub categories and links to posts.

Some content appears under more than one category. For example the FrSKY GPS Sensor article is found under both FrSKY Hardware and OpenTX categories.


OpenTX Manual

  • Links to the OpenTX manual pages.

Guides & Scripts (Posts)

Quick Start Guides

  • Links to written and video guides that get you started using your equipment without having to read through all the documentation.

FrSKY Hardware

  • Transmitters
    Articles related to the Taranis radios such as initial setup and modifying them.
  • Sensors
    Setting up sensors. Sensors provide information including but not limited to altitude, position, RPM, temperature and battery voltage.
  • Accessories
    Devices and software to upgrade sensor and receiver firmware, change sensor IDs and configure receivers.
  • Receivers
    Articles related to the Taranis receivers.


  • Releases
    Summary of changes introduced with each OpenTX release presented with pictures, videos and links to more information.
  • Model Settings
    Settings that are configured specific to a particular model. In the OpenTX context a model is a specific aircraft. For example if  a pilot flies two separate Cubs then the settings for each are contained in two separate OpenTX models.
  • Sensors
    Setting up sensors (Same as FrSKY Hardware Sensors)
  • Telemetry
    Settings related to sensor data and display
  • Radio/Global Settings
    Settings and features that are independent of specific models such as language, calibration and SD card browser
  • Trainer (Buddy Box)
    Settings to use trainer and student transmitters
  • Images & Icons
    Settings and requirements to use the startup screen image and model icons.
  • Sounds & Announcements
    Settings and requirements to use sounds and announcements. These features fall under both model and radio/global settings.

Lua Scripts (advanced users)

Lua scripts may add features not included in OpenTX such displaying directions on the Tx LCD screen from the pilot to the aircraft, calculating battery remaining.