Hold Any Input’s Position

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OpenTX Lua Mix Script



  • Holds the input value.
    • E.g. Keep a boat on a fixed throttle and rudder setting.
  • Enabled using a logical or physical switch.
  • Up to 4 inputs may be configured.
    • The inputs may be sticks, sliders, switches or channels (any OpenTX input).
    • If an input is not configured the corresponding output is zero.
  • For each input a corresponding switch is to be provided.
    • The same switch may be used for all inputs.
    • When the switch is up/away the output equals the input.
    • When the switch is not up/away the input value gets held and from then on the output is a fixed value till the switch is back up/away.
  • 4 outputs are provided Hld1, Hld2, Hld3, Hld4.
    • These outputs are to be used as inputs to the mix on the mixer screen.
    • The output is either a pass thru of the input or a fixed value.


  • hold.lua (right click and Save As, Download Linked File)

File Location



  • If you have no experience using OpenTX Mix scripts please read Getting Started.
  • Custom Scripts Screen
    • Select this script and configure inputs.
  • Mixer Screen
    • Create a mix using one of Hld1, Hld2, Hld3 or Hld4 as input.

Input Hold Without A Script

Ail Weight(+100%) Switch(SA↓)

Ele Weight(+100%) Switch(SA↓)

Thr Weight(+100%) Switch(SA↓)

Rud Weight(+100%) Switch(SA↓)

Thanks to Mike Shellim


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